Okeechobee practice pays off this time! It’s not all the time you find yourself in contention to win...but I was able to make it happen! It sure was great to be close! I am sure many factors played a part in my successful 3rd place finish, from the many prayers that were said, practice before cut-off, the involvement of my family during practice, the tournament week, all the time spent together, and Good Ol Matt taking care of things at home for us while we were away... team work! We so appreciate all that were with us during the week!
We were able to find a campground (Lakeview) with absolutely wonderful people who touched our lives! Making friends that will last a life time...Thank you Missouri Joe, Barb, Tim, Racing Okee Bob, Man Tim, Chicamauga Billy, and many others – you guys made a difference in our lives 🙂 We thank you for that!

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